The event

Masterpieces 4 MADA (M4M) is an annual fundraising gala which raises much needed funds for MADA’s cafeteria/soup kitchen, food bank and other social service programs. In addition to being the organization’s primary fundraiser, it is a community outreach project. Schools, artists and individuals  are involved in creating and donating art thereby increasing awareness of and exposure to  poverty and hunger. 

Job description

The position is part time with the option for a full time contract.

Knowledge of Jewish community an asset.

Experience in fundraising gala event coordination a must.

The event coordinator is responsible for the planning and execution of M4M. This position will work closely with the event chair(s), committee and MADA support staff to maximize the event. The coordinator will lead the project through its various steps, ensuring completion & success of all tasks.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Coordinate the different aspects & logistics of the event program including venue, food, entertainment, payments, videographer, etc. 

2. Work with the committee to increase awareness, plan the event, canvass prize packages etc

3. Create the ad book by overseeing the canvassers, keeping track of ads & artwork, designing it with the graphic artist, featuring the schools, students and artists, and having it printed. 

5. Maintain school involvement by contacting schools to having students create arts & projects related to the theme, inviting parents and staff to the event and providing student certificates to the participants.

5. Execute a time line for all marketing materials, working with the graphic designer invitation, website, e-flyers, sponsorship package, e-mail blasts, letterhead etc. 

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