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Quebec Government Launches Commission on Systemic Racism, Calls for NonProfit Involvement

Last week, the government announced it would launch a commission on systemic racism in the province, following months of lobbying from community groups and citizens (including us, here at COCo). For those who have been pushing for its creation, the commission is a first step in pushing Quebec’s government to adopt a detailed plan to address racial […]

How is the Canada Summer Jobs Program Working for You?

Imagine Canada is conducting a national survey to understand charities’ and non-profits’ experiences with the federal government’s Canada Summer Jobs program. This survey is being undertaken as part of their ongoing research into barriers to youth employment in the charitable and non-profit sector (you can check out the Working Group on Youth Employment for more information on […]

Coming to Diversité d’Abord? Here it the full schedule for the day!

Registration Opens (11:30 am)  Opening Panel (12:00-1:00pm) English and French, MAI Café, first floor The Diversé d’Abord Research team will open the day by presenting the preliminary results of our research. Having Hard Conversations: The Courage to Face Ourselves  (1-2:30) English, room 428 This workshop will tackle the personal and emotional responses we have to […]

Community Organizations Can Now Apply to Be a Part of a Collective Health Insurance Plan

It’s no secret that the community sector in Quebec is dogged with high employee turnover, slowing project momentum and putting a strain on groups’ HR capacity. Many community workers, torn between their desire to work and act in collective solidarity and contribute to the common good, and rising pressures on family and health with advancing […]

We’re Hiring a Trainer/Facilitator!

COCo is looking for a a trainer/facilitator to support community organizations! About COCo: The Centre for Community Organizations (COCo) is a provincial non-profit that works to nurture an inclusive, social-justice oriented Quebec community sector where grassroots organizations can thrive. We believe that is an important part of creating a more just and equitable society overall. […]

You’re Invited to Diversité d’Abord!

After months of research and preparation, we are ready to announce Diversité d’Abord, our day of reflection and training on racism and colonialism in Quebec’s community sector. Spots are limited, so register fast! Since January, the Centre for Community Organisations (COCo) has been engaged in an in-depth research project exploring race and racism in Quebec’s […]

Come Talk With Us About Your Experiences of Racism in the Community Sector

Diversité d’Abord is a yearlong research project exploring racial diversity in the Quebec community sector. We want to know:  How Quebec community organizations perceive and address racial diversity and the impacts of colonialism on their team How non-profit staff and volunteers experience race in their workplaces  Following collecting data and testimonials on these topics in our online survey (available here, until April […]