Accessibility Training for Facilitators and Educators

Almost two years ago, COCo hosted a project called By and For Us: The Community at the Head of the Organization. That project focussed on the experiences of community organizations that are run by, or center the voices of the community they serve.

Over the course of that project, we got familiar with Accessibilize Montreal. This disabled-led organization produces independent media, holds educational workshops and develops tools to promote accessibility within community organizations. We, and all of the other participants of the By and For project, were struck by the incredible knowledge, thoughtfulness, and depth of experience Accessibilize members brought to the project, and we wanted to share that with our wider community. 

Two years later, that idea has come to fruition. On June 14th, COCo and Accessibilize Montreal are co-presenting a half day training for anybody doing education or facilitation work. Whether you are a full-time consultant, a part-time trainer, if you do popular education as part of your job, or if you facilitate meetings and discussions in your organization– this training is for you.

You can find all the information about the event here (in English) or here (in French). June 14th. Be there!