Updated Legal Information on Annual General Meetings

We Updated Our Legal Information on Annual General Meetings

Over the last year, we have been working on updating some of our online legal information. Since we initially launched our legal information sheets for nonprofit organizations, there have been many changes to the best practices and legal structures in place for nonprofit organizations.

The first updated legal information document to go live is on Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings. AGMs and SGMs can be a maze of confusing regulations for nonprofit organizations, and we hope this updated legal information will make that smoother!

Click here to access our updated legal information sheet on AGMs and SGMs.

Meetings with our membership are a very important place to strengthen the democratic life of our organization, and strengthen the ability of our community to work together for social change. They are a place where we can give our membership a real say in major decisions that are being made about the structure, direction and governance of the organization. COCo believes that we should invest in ensuring that our meetings are spaces for community groups to foster and sustain relationships, provide space for self-reflection and critique, and build collective power: in short, to support the democratic life of social movements and community groups! While this information sheet is more about the legal requirements for your nonprofit or community group, we also have other resources, like this one, on making your Annual General Meeting fun and engaging.

This information sheets overs topics such as

  • when to have your AGM or SGM
  • where you can have your AGM or SGM
  • how to set the agenda and minutes for your AGM or SGM
  • what is quorum for your organization
  • what kind of financial information to provide
  • and much more

Click here to access our updated legal information sheet on AGMs and SGMs.

In case you forgot, COCo can provide legal information, but not legal advice. For legal advice on a particular situation, get in touch with a lawyer!