An Anti-Racist Organizational Change Tool for Nonprofits

CommunityWise Resource Centre’s new tool addresses racism, inclusion, and diversity!

Recently, CommunityWise Resource Centre created a very useful tool that addresses the importance of inclusion, diversity, difference, and equity and how these concepts can be used in the community sector and its importance.

For those who do not know CommunityWise, it is a nonprofit centre located in Calgary “that provides affordable office and community space. They support around 80 small and grassroots organizations whose work spans a diverse spectrum of social, environmental, and cultural issues”.

The purpose of this resource booklet is to:

● Tell the story of how our anti-racist organizational change project started

● Share some of the resources we’ve found and developed along the way.

● Provide guidance on how other nonprofits can start their own process.

The idea is to see how using an anti-racism framework can strengthen an organizations dedication to work towards social justice and equity.

Download (PDF, 1.07MB)

Check out CommunityWise’s website to find out more about their amazing work, tools, and resources.

Check out our The “Problem” Woman of Colour in the Workplace tool if you like anti-racism approach and work. This tool reflects the reality of racialize people and the different dynamics of power.