An Opportunity to Think through Data in Nonprofits

For some time now, COCo has been working on topics related to the world of data. We have held a training workshop, participated in discussions on the challenges and opportunities that data presents to community organizations, and have begun coaching groups on specific issues in this area. To continue developing our service offer around the challenges and opportunities of data, we are partnering with Centraide to further explore this subject with a few organizations. This is an invitation to collaborate with COCo in the prototyping of this service.

Examples of Ways we Could Work Together on Data:

  • Assessing your organization’s data literacy (skills and practices in relation to data use)
  • Data audit, i.e. how your practices (data collection, storage, analysis, use of data) correspond to your specific objectives
  • Assistance in setting up processes for collecting, storing, analyzing or using data with technological tools
  • Training on specific tools related to data exploitation
  • Support in the execution of certain tasks (cleaning, exploring, analyzing, visualizing data)

Is your Organization Interested?

We invite you to contact us now if your organization is interested in being part of the groups that will prototype this service. Send us an email to indicating your topic of interest, spaces are limited! We will then select a few groups that we think we can accommodate.