April 2015 E-Bulletin

COCo Note

April 2014 Coco-Note: Cracking Austerity Open

Strung up, the austerity piñata seemed loomed large, menacing yet festive. A handmade pair of red scissors so large it barely fit into the back seat of a car. How did this ornament normally reserved for birthday parties and other celebrations wind up being incorporated into our 2015 AGM?
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COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

Call out to all community groups: Commun-IT will select 2 community groups to receive free websites this summer!

As part of Commun-IT’s mandate of rendering IT services more accessible to those in need, we are offering to build 1 website each for 2 lucky community organizations in need. If your group needs a new website but doesn’t have the financial capacity to pay someone to build one then apply now! The deadline for applications is April 24th .

The 2 groups selected will receive a free WordPress website as well as a free photo shoot package.

Click here to apply!

COCo offering another free Innoweave Cloud Computing Workshop

Webinaire Innoweave: Introduction à l’infonuagique

En ligne le 20 avril 2015, de midi à 13h


Innoweave est heureux d’offrir un webinaire d’introduction à l’infonuagique le lundi 20 avril à 12h – en français.

Cette séance d’introduction permettra aux participants de mieux comprendre ce qu’est l’infonuagique et les bénéfices que les organismes peuvent en tirer pour maximiser leur efficacité. Ce webinaire est organisé par Innoweave en partenariat avec COCo et sera présenté par Marc Ouimet.

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COCo offering another free Innoweave Cloud Computing Workshop

COCo is proud to partner with Innoweave to offer another Cloud Computing workshop. This workshop will be conducted in English and French, on Thursday, May 28th, 2015 at the Centre St-Pierre, from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Participating organizations will also be eligible to apply for an implementation grant in July 2015 to engage a coach to help them with development following the workshop.

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Quebec on the Move long interview videos now viewable online

Quebec on the Move is a traveling art exhibit organized by the Centre for Community Organizations (COCo) and funded by Canadian Heritage. The exhibit explores the subject of social movements and Quebec’s English-speaking communities and include video segments of 22 contemporary community organizers in conversation with each other.

The exhibit video and the long interviews are now on our Quebec on the Move channel for your viewing pleasure!

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Just Talking: How can our communities work best together in times of austerity?

Just Talking: How can our communities work best together in times of austerity?

Last February, participants came to COCo to share, learn & problem-solve issues they have been facing working with communities and organizations around the topic “How can our communities work best together in times of austerity? Photos, a Solutions and Tactics document, and a Democratic Spaces tool are now available for download online.

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Discussion sur l’accessibilité numérique animé par NetSquared Montréal

Netsquared Montréal tiendra un 5 à 7 le mercredi 15 avril, sur le thème de l’accessibilité numérique aux personnes en situation d’exclusion sociale : des besoins généraux aux cas particuliers des jeux vidéo sans écran ou sans bouton.

La rencontre aura lieu au Bar Populaire, au 6584 St-Laurent, Montréal, de 17h30 à 19h00.

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Hold the date for YES’ 18th Annual Entrepreneurship Conference

Each year, YES invites business experts, thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs to share their stories and insights. The 18th Annual YES Entrepreneurship Conference will feature a number of Quebec’s industry shakers and movers, along with ideas and strategies to spark your most innovative thinking and stimulate creativity to ensure your entrepreneurial success.

Wednesday, May 20th at the Centre Mont-Royal (2200 Mansfield, Montréal). For more information and updates including speakers and topics, visit us at www.yesmontreal.ca or call 514-878-9788.

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