April 2016 E-Bulletin

Thanks for Making Our AGM a Huge Success!

The incredible engagement and energy our members gave us in helping us think through where we are now and where to go next was an inspiration. Thank you again for everyone who came and played with us!

For those of you who missed our party games extravaganza, or for those of you who want to relive it, We have a photo gallery up on our facebook page. Tag yourselves and your friends! 


Welcome Jihane, Myriam and Remy to our Board of Directors! 

 Jihane El-Atifi is a communications, outreach and resource development professional with a focus on human rights, diversity, intersectional feminism, refugee & migrant rights, and community building. Activism is the rent I pay for living on this planet. — Alice Walker. Say hi @JihaneElAtifi !

Myriam Zaidi is the Communications and National Network Coordinator of the Girls Action Foundation, and is concurrently completing an MA in Educational Studies at Concordia. She organizes within the anti-racist feminist movement in Quebec. 

Remy Attig is a polyglot originally from Florida, who cares about enhancing accessibility and anti-oppression values in community organizations and the nonprofit sector.  He is the Operations Manager for Quebec and Atlantic Canada at the David Suzuki Foundation; in his spare time he knits, sews, cans, ferments, and enjoys getting out in nature when possible.


5 Thing We’re Still Thinking About After “Thinking Through Racism: Issues and Blind Spots in Quebec”,

By Sabrina McFadden

Last weekend, I attended “Thinking Through Racism Today: Issues and Blind Spots in the Current Quebec Context”, an event hosted as part of the Week of Actions Against Racism. The event was incredibly informative, with all the presenters bringing an in-depth, thoroughly researched and historically informed understanding to the table, and it was inspiring to see so much space given to leaders from racialized communities to speak to their own efforts and struggles. Needless to say, it was also an extremely necessary event, in a context where there is widespread denial about the problem of racism in Quebec.

There were 5 things that I have been thinking about since and wanted to share! 
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COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

Entrevue avec Frances sur l'évaluation

Entrevue avec Frances sur l’évaluation

Nos collègues au Centre de Formation Populaires ont invité Frances, co-fondatrice du COCo, pour partager ses connaissances en tant évaluatrice pour leur blog sur le sujet.

Pour lire l’entrevue au complet, cliquez ici.

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Looking for Community Involvement or Feedback, but Feeling Lost About How to Get It?

Looking for Community Involvement or Feedback, but Feeling Lost About How to Get It?

Last month, we attended a training by the Tamarack Institute on “Community Engagement”– i.e., finding ways of designing processes for your community to be involved in, give feedback, or otherwise engage in your non-profit initiative. The room was packed with people who have been designing and experimenting with ways to substantially involve communities in decision making, and we learnt a lot!

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Community Events

Join artist-run centre articule for the third edition of Montreal Monochrome (MMIII), an event which aims to address the underrepresentation of indigenous people and people of colour in the arts milieu in Montreal.

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