Are you interested in participating in an experiment about organizational learning?

Is your organization interested in improving its learning? Are you interested in the idea of learning organizations? We have some good news! As part of our Learning Organizations Lab, we are looking for organizations who want to participate in an experimental process over the next few months. We are exploring what kinds of support nonprofits and community groups could use to foster learning in their organizations.

The Context

Over the last 8 months, COCo has been working on adapting the concept of “learning organizations” to community groups. Now, in our second phase of the “Learning Organizations Lab”, we are looking for organizations who are interested in evaluating, and growing, their own ability to learn and adapt.

The Offer

What we can offer is a tailor made, free accompaniment, focused on the question of organizational learning. Your organization needs to be interested and ready to make a time commitment to the process over the next 6 months. Exactly what that process will look like will be something we can discuss and decide together, based on the needs of your organization.

Curious and want to learn more?

If you are interested and want to learn more, send an email to Philippe au!