Ateliers C

Ateliers C

Ateliers/C is a new project developed by COCo in partnership with Centraide of Montreal.

This project is created for the sole purpose to offer the opportunity for organizations to get together in a safe space and talk about their challenges, their achievements, and to develop strategies to be better equipped and prepared to serve their communities and members. As we all know, community workers have a lot to do and we want to offer them a place where they feel their voices are being heard and respected.


With the generous collaboration of Centraide of Montreal, we are developping the Ateliers/C project: a serie of inter-connected workshops that will offer a learning space by sharing and connecting with other organizations. Throughout the year, we will put in place short sessions of formation and discussion all about different topic. This will be a great opportunity to share strategies, ideas, and inspirational tools with the rest of the group.


These sharing and connecting moments are free and offered only to the organizations that are being financed by Centraide of Montreal. For every session, COCo will also invite some of our members to participate. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Véronica (, the project coordinator.

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Saison 1

Saison 2

  • 01 A/C: Et si on parlait de complexité?

    21 septembre 2018

    Cet atelier vise à explorer comment utiliser des lunettes qui aideront à mieux comprendre les situations auxquelles nous sommes confrontées dans notre travail quotidien et de naviguer la zone de complexité pour mieux faire face collectivement aux enjeux complexes auxquels nos organisations sont confrontées

  • 02 A/C: Vers une organisation apprenante

    3 octobre 2018

    Cet atelier est une invitation à réfléchir, explorer, imaginer et rêver collectivement l’organisation apprenante. Ensemble, nous examinerons ce concept plus en profondeur, nous penchant sur ses définitions, ses éléments constitutifs, mais aussi sur ses limites. Au cours de l’atelier, nous réfléchirons à des pratiques « apprenantes » et tenterons de formuler des idées concrètes et adaptées pouvant être mises en œuvre au sein de vos organisations.


    December 7, 2018

    We explore how the intersections of racism (and other axes of systemic oppression) and inter-personal conflict look like in the context of community work in Montreal. We try to understand the various layers in which systemic oppression and conflict operate, and generate remedies and steps forward via anti-racist approaches.