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October 2016 E-bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s October 2016 E-bulletin! COCo Note Let’s Smash the Overhead Myth When you’re a grant writer, rejection is nothing new. Like actors, it is a routine part of the job. But last year, I received a rejection phone call from a foundation that left me truly astonished. “We loved your project, and think you’re […]

September 2016 E-Bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s September 2016 E-bulletin! COCo Note What do you guys do, anyway? Or, a Cheat Sheet of COCo Services In the past week, we’ve gotten calls from 14 organizations looking to work with us, and another 9 looking for information, advice, and guidance for the problems they’re facing in their organizations. That is amazing, […]

Apply for an Innoweave Cloud Computing Grant!

If you’re interested in web-based technology and cloud computing for your organization, you could get an implementation grant from Innoweave to work with one of their registered coaches. Parker and Spencer (from Commun-IT) are both registered coaches with Innoweave. Innoweave provides small grants to help organizations access the coaching that they require to implement a new […]

Thinking about Becoming a “Flat” Organization? Here are 5 things to think about

This summer, COCo collaborated on a workshop at the World Social Forum (WSF) called “Putting our values into practice through non-hierarchical management”, with Inter Pares and the Réseau Québécois des Groupes Écologistes (RQGE), two other community organizations who also use a horizontal management structure. The workshop was standing-room only, and attracted more than 50 participants […]

TUNE IN TO YES 10th Anniversary Benefit Bash

Mark your calendars for October 19th because YES is putting together the biggest and best event yet! TUNE IN TO YES10 Benefit Bash is not only an exciting networking and social event, it is also an opportunity to help the thousands of local job-seekers, entrepreneurs and artists that we serve. Be sure to join us […]

3 Cheap and Effective Ways To Increase Donor Retention

A recent report from Statistics Canada noted that although the total number of Canadians making charitable donations decreased by two percentage points from 2010-2014, the total dollar amount given has increased. That means that while fewer Canadians are giving (and that number still rests at a whopping 82%), each donor is actually giving more money to the […]