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May 2017 E-Bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s May 2017 E–bulletin! COCo Note Here’s What We Know About How Community Groups Use Technology in Quebec Commun-IT, COCo’s own community technology wing, just wrapped up an exciting survey process where we asked organizations  across Quebec to help us better understand the ICT needs of the community sector. We wanted to share our our […]

April 2017 E-Bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s April 2017 E–bulletin! COCo Note Thanks for a great AGM!  A huge thank you to everyone who came and had a blast at our 2017 Annual General Meeting. In the words of one participant: BEST. AGM. EVER! See all of our pictures on our facebook page, here.  If you couldn’t make it, and […]

March 2017 E-Bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s March 2017 E–bulletin! COCo Note You’re Invited to COCo’s Annual General Meeting! This year, our theme is Visions of the Future. Every year, our AGM is an opportunity for community groups to come together, connect, and reflect. This year, amidst political, social, and environmental turmoil, we want to think about how we can creatively […]

February 2017 E-Bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s February 2017 E–bulletin COCo Note Some Words on the Shooting at the Centre Cultural Islamique de Quebec On Sunday, we lost 6 men to a horrifying attack on a mosque in Ste. Foy. Their names were Mamadou Tanou Barry, Abdelkrim Hassane, Khaled Belkacemi, Aboubaker Thabti, Azzeddine Soufiane and Ibrahima Barry. The news of […]