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Our Summer Closure

This year, COCo will be closing from July 12th to Sunday, August 4th. If you need things from us… Ask before then, or prepare to wait! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Happy summer!

Meeting Preparation: A Checklist

Over the last two years, our team has grown from 4 to 9. We have more people, more projects, and more work – all while maintaining a horizontal structure! It has been exciting, but it has also meant that our staff meetings became long, packed, and sometimes draining. So, earlier this year, we came up with […]

Pitching Your Nonprofit Organization

You know your organization does great work. But are you pitching your nonprofit in a way that translates? Does the way you talk about your work gain your organization more funding, more members, or more support? Lots of nonprofit organizations struggle with creating unique and powerful messages that grab the attention of potential donors and […]

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Report

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Report Earlier this morning, the final report of the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people was released, with a closing ceremony streamed here. In the words of the report itself, The truths shared in these National Inquiry hearings tell the story – or, more […]

Should Your NonProfit Get an Advisory Board?

Occasionally, nonprofits ask us about the idea of creating an Advisory Board. The hope is that an advisory board would add wisdom, depth, and connection to their work. Equally often, however, community groups already have an advisory board, but when asked about it, shrug their shoulders and tell us it is not serving a clear […]

Tools to Test Your Web Accessibility

We have given ourselves the objective this year of improving the accessibility of COCo’s online presence, as well as the accessibility of the websites we build for nonprofits. As part of this project, we’ve welcomed an intern who is doing a lot of heavy lifting. Hannah has been researching the different tools that exist to […]

We Need Your Help Thinking about Learning Organizations!

We Need Thinking Partners! Are you interested in how organizations learn and change? Do you like to think about what makes it possible for organizations to adapt and manage complex situations? Maybe in your own organization, you have tried to create change, and learnt lessons from that experience? We are looking for people who have […]

Meet the Candidates for our Board of Directors

This year, almost all of the seats on our Board of Directors is up for re-election. Of our existing Board members, 1 has a year left on her term; and 4 are re-running. If our bylaw change is approved, increasing our Board members to 9, that leaves us with four empty seats. In this blog […]

We’re Making a Change to Our Bylaws, to Increase the Number of Board Seats!

This year, in response to other kinds of growth our organization is experiencing, COCo has decided to intentionally increase the number of seats on our Board of Directors, from 7 to 9. Legally speaking, that’s an important change, and we need to have our members ratify it at our Annual General Meeting, on April 29th. […]

We’re Looking for Board Members!

We are looking to fill a couple spots on our Board of Directors for the upcoming year. You don’t have to have any formal training or prior Board experience to be on the COCo Board, but we have some essential qualities we are looking for in a Board member: Proven experience with non-profit organizations and […]