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Changing Your Bylaws

You Need to Change Your By-laws? By-laws are legally binding rules that not-for-profits make to govern the way they function, including some key decision-making processes. This post reviews the general principles that apply when changing your bylaws. We’re publishing it in part because the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed some organizations to quickly change their by-laws. […]

Financial Management of NonProfits

Recently, our finance coordinator Philippe gave two webinars to members of the RQGE about financial management. Those trainings are now online! They cover questions like: Different roles in an organization in terms of financial management (staff, Board, bookkeeper, and auditor) Audited financial statements and other kinds of financial verification Difference between nonprofits and charities Reading […]

Resources About Facilitating Online

Like most of you, we have been on a fast learning curve about online facilitation, both for our own team and when working with groups. We thought we would share our favourite resources about online meetings – there are a lot out there, and they are not all made equal! Resources About Online Meetings The […]

Government Funding for NonProfits During COVID-19

CORRECTION: We had previously asserted that Revenue Quebec has pushed back the date for tax filings to July 31st, but the date is in fact June 1st. Read here for the latest information.   A lot of you are stressed right now. In addition to the energy, attention, and care many community groups are putting […]

Tips for Community Workers During COVID-19

We’ve been sifting through resources created for community workers during COVID-19 (there are a LOT!), and this is one of the stronger ones we found. It was created by UNICEF alongside the World Health Organization. The key question in this document is: What happens when people have too much information about a problem that makes […]

Basics of Contingency Planning for NonProfits

One of the small steps we have taken during the past few weeks is to think about contingency planning. We are by no means experienced or experts in this, but we thought we could share a bit in the hopes of inspiring your own community group to do some contingency planning of your own during […]

What We Learnt About Doing an Online AGM

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, COCo made a last-minute decision to hold an online AGM, instead of the in-person we had planned. Many of you have your Annual General Meetings in the coming months and will be facing similar questions, so we wanted to share what we have learned!  There are a few […]

How to Join Our Virtual AGM

Our virtual AGM is happening today, March 30th, from 2-4pm! This post contains information on how to participate, what to expect, your membership, how to use Zoom, accessibility, and what to do if you are having tech problems.  How to Participate We are using Zoom for our AGM. This is the link to join our […]

Three ways not-for-profits can drop in-person meetings but still function

Public health recommendations are asking the public to reduce contact with other people to limit the spread of COVID-19, in an attempt to ultimately save lives. But avoiding in-person meetings in a not-for-profit can have legal implications. Legal Issues around In-Person Meetings The difficulty is that the law has always considered in-person meetings as the […]