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End of the Political Activities Audit: What Does it Mean for Charities?

We’re not lawyers at COCo but we do our best to provide legal information! If you want information about how the law applies to your particular situation, contact a lawyer.  Organizations across the country have been celebrating the announcement by Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier that they would be “winding down” the political-activity audit of charities, a […]

We’re On Vacation!

Please note that COCo’s offices will be closed for our winter break from December 18th until January 4th. We’ll be getting back to answering your emails once we return, and will look forward to talking with you. Until then, have a great and happy break!

December 2015 E-Bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s December 2015 E-bulletin! COCo Note What is that Lobbying Law All About- And Will It Affect Me? Here at COCo, we’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about Law 56, or the Lobby law—and we have had a lot of questions ourselves! For this month’s e-bulletin, we’ve read through a lot of […]

Avoiding Unrealistic Retreat Enthusiasm: Two Suggestions, by Andrew Willis Garcés

In searching for great tools to help organizations plan their retreats, we stumbled on this wonderful article by Andrew Willis Garcés (writing on puravida.org). Andrew first dives into the #1 retreat mistake: getting really excited about new projects and new ideas, without any ability to follow through. Garcés reminds us of three questions that should guide […]

Planning Your Annual Retreat

COCo held our annual retreat just last weekend, and so our staff and Board have been reflecting on what makes for a great one. Whether you’re using it for planning, visioning, or some crisis management, we’ve included some of our top tips for making a retreat great. Juniper, our funding development coordinator, says “Make it […]

November 2015 E-Bulletin

Welcome to COCo’s November 2015 E–bulletin COCo Note Will You Strike With Us on November 2nd and 3rd? On November 2nd and 3rd, community organizations across Québec will strike as part of an ongoing movement against austerity and for an increase in funding and recognition for the community sector. For the community sector, a strike doesn’t […]

YES, in collaboration with the Quebec Employment Service Providers Roundtable presents the 13th Annual Quebec Employment Service Providers Conference

If you are a career or employment counsellor and provide English-language services, you will not want to miss this conference focusing on issues affecting you and your clients. Join us on Monday, November 30, 2015, for the 13th Quebec Employment Service Providers Conference featuring, the Public Service Commission of Canada-speaking on Accessing jobs for persons […]

Understanding Austerity

“Austerity” is being bandied around a lot these days, and beyond being about cuts, it’s not always clear what we’re talking about. We’ve collected a couple resources for people and organizations who are curious what austerity really means. The resources here are in English, are easily accessible, and go into details about the ways austerity […]

9 Ways to Make We Can Make Social Justice Movements Less Elitist and More Accessible

Recently published on Everyday Feminism, we really like this “listicle” of 9 ways we can make social movements more accessible. Kai Cheng Thom writes: “Social justice and feminist culture are incredible positive forces that can transform the way we see ourselves and the world around us…But sometimes those same activist cultures can be unnecessarily exclusive […]