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What is organisational culture?

What do we mean when we say “organizational culture”? Last week, I was talking with some friends who work for large NGOs about the differences in our professional lives. Throughout our conversation, we were all using “culture” to describe our different workplaces. Sometimes, we used referred to organizational culture as the source of our workplace […]

Fill Out this Survey on Working Conditions in the NonProfit Sector

Quebec nonprofits may already be familiar with Repère, the large scale survey carried out CSMO-ÉSAC  , which covers working conditions in the nonprofit sector and the cooperative and social economy areas of Quebec’s workforce. This year, they are launching a shorter survey, tailored uniquely to community groups and nonprofits. Fill out the Survey on NonProfit Work Depending […]

Our Favourite Places to Go for NonProfit Resources

Earlier this morning, I searched “Executive Director Evaluation processes nonprofits staff involvement”, expecting my relatively specific search to turn up some useful articles and resources for a community organization I was helping out. Instead, I waded through several pages of general, vague, and unhelpful blog posts. Maybe the fault of the rise of content marketing – […]

We’re Closing for July!

It’s been a hectic year for COCo, and while we are thrilled at the number of groups we’ve gotten to work with over the last 6 months, we’re also pretty tired. As a result, last week we took the decision to close for a month, instead of our usual 2 weeks. From July 7 until […]

5 Things We’ve Learnt About Social Media at COCo

For the past three years, COCo has been investing more thought and energy into our social media presence, and this week, COCo hit 2,500 likes on Facebook. For an organization of our size and resources, this is a big milestone! In celebration, we thought we would share 5 quick tips that have helped us increase […]

Myth-Busting About Non-Profit Work

Tituba’s Revenge is New-York based organizing collective, who describe themselves as “group of anti-capitalist nonprofit workers who are majority queer women of color”. Their work is in conversation with the important interventions over the last decade (plus) about “getting real” about the realities of the nonprofit sector (notably, the work of the Incite Collective, here). […]

Young Workers in Nonprofit Organizations: What we Know

Every year, we COCo tries to make a point of celebrating May 1st – International Workers’ Day- by talking about working conditions in the nonprofit sector. You can see some of those previous blog posts here and here.  Last year, Imagine Canada released a document that provided interesting observations about young people working in the nonprofit sector, […]

COCo’s New Staff Evaluation Process

When we meet with community groups, we often hear groups talking about their staff evaluation processes- or lack thereof. Staff evaluations are an important accountability mechanism for any organization, but also an important moment for staff to get a sense of how they are doing- in fact, as much as we might find it nerve-wracking, […]

2017 Was a Big Year at COCo! Here are Some Highlights

With our Annual General Meeting over, and our 2017 annual report ready and online, we thought it would be fun to share some highlights from our year with COCo friends and family. If you are a real keener, go ahead and read the whole thing (you can find it here!)- and if not, here are […]