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Possible Funding Source: the Community Innovation Fund

This new funding initiative came across our desk recently and we thought we should share it with you all! The Community Innovation Fund The Community Innovation Fund (CIF) is a social financing initiative managed by the QCGN and funded by the Government of Canada’s Social Partnership Initiative in Official Language Minority Communities.   From April 2020 to […]

The History of COCo’s Collective Structure

This year, COCo is celebrating our 20th anniversary. For the occasion, we thought we would look back at a major part of that history: our experiments with collective structure (or collaborative, co-managed, or non-hierarchical- whatever you want to call it)! We hope that this, and other articles we will be publishing on the topic, will […]

It’s Our Birthday!

We’re turning 20! That’s right: on November 17th, 2019, COCo will officially celebrate our 20th anniversary. In fact, we’ll be celebrating from November until March, when we’ll hold our 20th Annual General Meeting. We’ll be sharing some of our lessons learned, we’ll have a party – you’ll be hearing from us! But the first thing […]

White Supremacy Culture in Organizations

For the last few years, our team has relied a lot on a document called “White Supremacy Culture“, created by a project called Dismantling Racism Works- indeed, a training and facilitation project that had very similar work to our own, when they were still active. This resource was important to us because it helped us, […]

What to Know about the Viens Commission

We’re On Indigenous Land  COCo has been trying to reflect in more concrete and intentional ways what it means for us to be located on Indigenous land.  A part of this has been reflecting on how we can follow up on the demands and recommendations made in things like the Truth and Reconciliation Report, and […]

Proposed Changes About Decision Making for Quebec NonProfits

On 19 September 2019, Quebec’s finance minister introduced bill n° 36. This bill proposes changes to decision making processes of not-for-profits incorporated under the Quebec Companies Act. In fact, these would be the first substantive changes to the rules for not-for-profits in the Quebec Companies Act in eight years. Update 20 November 2019: Following the […]

Language of Domination: Oppressive Meeting Dynamics

The Language of Domination: Oppressive Meeting Dynamics COCo stumbled across this list a few years ago. It was adapted from Nemesis, a radical feminist collective active in Montreal in the mid 2000s,  and an article by Bill Moyelri from the”Handbook for Non-Violent Action and Civil Disobedience Training” from SOA Watch.  It describes a number of different […]