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Class and Community Organizing

Class in Community Organizations Class is not brought up as often as issues of race, sexuality and gender in discussions around Anti-Oppression, and yet can deeply impact how we communicate […]

Thinking through Privilege

  An important facet of Anti-Oppression work is understanding the structural inequalities that affect us all differently.  This is a nice article by George Lakey about the role of people […]

Thinking about Anti-Oppression Policies

     In the process of gathering participants for the Portes Ouvertes project, I heard from several organizations that they did not have an Anti-Oppression or Diversity policy in place.  These […]

Portes Ouvertes 5 à 7

The Portes Ouvertes Project got off to a great start this Tuesday with an introductory 5 à 7. Already some important questions are coming up around how each of our […]