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Class and Community Organizing

Class in Community Organizations Class is not brought up as often as issues of race, sexuality and gender in discussions around Anti-Oppression, and yet can deeply impact how we communicate and work with each other.  The Class Matters website is a great resource for thinking through how class operates, specifically in the context of Community […]

Thinking through Privilege

  An important facet of Anti-Oppression work is understanding the structural inequalities that affect us all differently.  This is a nice article by George Lakey about the role of people who hold positions of privilege in relation to these inequalities, and how they can play an important role in breaking them down:  http://wagingnonviolence.org/feature/get-real-about-privilege-become-an-ally/. The article […]

Anti-Oppressive Social Work: History and Practice

This resource website assemble by Dalhousie University’s Social Work program offers a good history of Anti-Oppressive practice in Social Work.  The section titled “What is Anti-Oppressive Social Work” offers a good overview for those not familiar with the term “Anti-Oppression”: http://aosw.socialwork.dal.ca/

Taking Charge: A Handbook for Health Care and Social Service Providers Working with Trans People

Handbook for Health Care and Social Service Providers Working with Trans People This handbook was compiled by ASTT(e)Q (Action santé travesti(e)s et transsexuel(le)s du Québec), in association with the Trans Health Network of Québec.  Although the guide is geared primarily around health-related issues, it is also a great place to start if you are unfamiliar […]

Thinking about Anti-Oppression Policies

     In the process of gathering participants for the Portes Ouvertes project, I heard from several organizations that they did not have an Anti-Oppression or Diversity policy in place.  These were organizations which, to my mind, were working clearly within an Anti-Oppression framework and ethic.   I am wondering what peoples experiences are within their […]

Portes Ouvertes 5 à 7

The Portes Ouvertes Project got off to a great start this Tuesday with an introductory 5 à 7. Already some important questions are coming up around how each of our organizations defines “Anti-Oppression” and how to find ways to explain how different organizations put these ideas into practice in a diversity of ways.  Excited to […]