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Charitable Organizations: Limitations on Political Activities

This info-sheet provides an introduction to the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) policy on political activities. It also guides you towards resources regarding the criticisms raised by the policy. Please feel free to contact COCo for more detailed information or for references to lawyers with experiences working with charitable organizations. Political Limitations Infosheet PDF

Applying for Charitable Status

What is charitable status, who can benefit from it, and in what ways? This info sheet provides an introduction to some of the pros and cons and processes around qualifying and applying for charitable status, maintaining it and benefiting from it. Charitable Status-modified 2012-EN PDF Additionally, you can watch the videos below, presented by COCo […]

Building Movement Project

The Building Movement Project works to strengthen the role of US nonprofit organizations as sites of democratic practice and to advance ways nonprofits can significantly contribute to building movement for progressive social change http://www.buildingmovement.org/

What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative inquiry is a strategy for purposeful change that identifies the best of “what is” to pursue dreams and possibilities of “what could be.” It is a co-operative search for the strengths found within every system that hold the potential for inspired, positive change. It involves collaborative inquiry using affirmative questioning to collect and celebrate […]

Understanding SACAIS: Financial Support Program for Community Action and Volunteer Action

Financial support program for government orientations on community action and volunteer action Program orientations The Secrétariat à l’action communautaire autonome et aux initiatives sociales (SACAIS) is mandated to coordinate implementation of the government policy entitled Community Action: A crucial contribution to the exercise of citizenship and the social development of Québec. Under this policy, SACAIS […]

Employer & Employee Rights & Responsibilities

At COCo, we often receive requests for information about the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees. Like all other employers in Quebec, community organizations must respect the legal rights of employees and meet certain obligations. By knowing the basic duties and rights outlined by law, organizations and their employees can avoid conflicts, rest […]

Commun-IT: Tech for community groups

Commun-IT is a pilot project of COCo that focuses on the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) by English-speaking community groups in Quebec. We aim to guide, support, and empower community groups to take advantage of Information and Communications Technology in order to better realize their missions. We work collaboratively to build the capacity of community […]

Legal Info for Community Groups

At COCo, we know that community groups need to have access to many types of legal information, ranging from our responsibilities as employers or board members to what papers we need to file each year. In response to these needs, COCo has developed its legal information services, which are especially adapted to the COCo philosopy […]