Now’s the Time to Become a Member of COCo!

As we are in the month leading up to our Annual General Meeting, we always want to make sure our community- organizations or individuals- knows that they can become a member of COCo.

Becoming a member of COCo is a way to participate in the democratic functioning of our organization, as well as a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to our mission. As a refresher, COCo is a provincial non-profit that works to nurture an inclusive, social-justice oriented Quebec community sector where grassroots organizations can thrive, because we believe that is an important part of creating a more just and equitable society overall. We also use research and other sector development initiatives to steward dialogue and progress on issues of inclusion and diversity in the Quebec non-profit sector.

Organizational Members

We strongly encourage any organization that fits the following criteria to become a COCo member.

  1. Believe in and support COCo’s mission and role;
  2. Value developing a meaningful relationship with COCo;
  3. Are a not-for-profit group (registered/incorporated or not);
  4. Are community-based

Organizations can become members by filling out the following form, and are automatically accepted provided they fit these criteria. Our current organizational members are listed on our website, here.

Individual Members

Following a bylaw change in 2016, COCo now provides the option for individuals to become members. We encourage any individual who meet the following criteria to apply for membership:

  1. Having demonstrated involvement in community organizations or social movements.

Individuals can become members by filling out the following form, and are approved after review by our Board of Directors.

Want to Know More?

COCo has had a few different changes to our membership categories over the years, in an effort to make sure our members are truly the organizations who are engaged in our work and care about our future. We wrote about some of those changes here, if you are interested!

Another good place to learn more about our members, and their rights and responsibilities, is in our bylaws.