What is Data Literacy?

We’ve been thinking a lot this year about helping community groups become more data literate.

What does it mean for a person or an organization to be data literate? What would they need to be able to do or understand? How could we teach those things?

How could this skill serve community organizations? Would they be more able to reach people? More able to advocate for the needs of their community? Better able to increase their effectiveness?

We were excited to see this tool from Data Literacy that describes 17 traits of data literacy! According to them, a data literate person:

Has Knowledge Of:

  1. Basic Elements of Data
  2. Data Storage Methods
  3. Data Analysis Principles
  4. Data Visualization Rules of Thumb

Puts to Use the Following Skills:

  1. Reads Visual Displays of Data
  2. Prepares Data For Analysis
  3. Explores Data
  4. Creates Clear Visuals
  5. Communicates Data Effectively

Embodies These Attitudes:

  1. Inclusive
  2. Confident
  3. Alert
  4. Ethical

Practices These Behaviours:

  1.  Resourcefully Utilizes Data
  2. Continuously Improves Data
  3. Effectively Advocates for Data
  4. Enthusiastically Spreads Data Literacy

Resource Guide on Becoming More Data Literate

If you or your team are looking to develop their data literacy, this workbook might be a great place to start.

Our site also has more information about COCo’s services in technology and communications.

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)