Call Out: Portes Ouvertes – COCo is looking for collaborators for a new project!

Portes Ouvertes: Réduire l’exclusion sociale dans les groupes communautaires du Québec


We are looking for a team of community group leaders, facilitators and popular educators who are:


  • Interested in collaborating to develop anti-oppression tools for use in community organizations across Québec
  • Interested in exploring the particularities of doing anti-oppression work in the multilingual and diverse context of Québec
  • Able to share tools and best practices that have been developed within their own organizations around anti-oppression and social exclusion and familiarize themselves with other tools prior to the beginning of the project
  • Enthusiastic about participating in an ongoing online learning community, where these issues can be further pursued
  • Willing to work bilingually
  • Able to attend:
    • an introductory 5-à-7 the week of February 11th -15th
    • a work sessions of 4-6 hours the week of March 4th -8th
    • a work session of 4-6 hours the week of April 1st -5th


Coco will provide a small honorarium to participants, and there are a few travel subsidies to encourage participation from the regions.


We encourage you to consider participating with another interested person from your organization, so that you can work together to share your group’s tools


Click here to apply before midnight on February 1st, 2013

If you have any questions, contact