Canadian Heritage Funding for Official Language Minorities

Here are some of the funding programs offered by Canadian Heritage which you may find useful for projects that are either bilingual or else target the linguistic minority (English in Quebec).  There are many more – these are just a sampling.  For more information, visit .

Community Life Component Cooperation with the Community Sector
Supports the involvement of official-language community organizations and to reinforce their ability to take action to make measurable gains in long-term community development, as well as to encourage innovation and excellence.
Support for Interpretation and Translation
Assists organizations that encourage the participation of Canadians in both official languages at public events and to increase the number of documents available in both official languages.
Canada Magazine Fund
Promotes the creation of Canadian editorial content for Canadian readers and to strengthens the sustainability and infrastructure of magazines.
Publications Assistance Program
Works in partnership with the Canada Post Corporation to offset the mailing costs of Canadian content magazines and non-daily newspapers mailed and delivered within Canada.
Young Canada Works
Provides Canadian youth with summer work experiences and internships in partnership with employers from private, public, and non-profit organizations.

Community Memories Program
Stimulates community-museum partnerships in the development of online local history exhibits, and to strengthens the capacity of smaller museums to create digital content.


Written by Kim Harrison of the Quebec Community Groups Network