CEGEP seeking community organizations to host unpaid interns

Cégep André-Laurendeau, a francophone post-secondary institution, located in Lasalle, is looking for hosts for their internship program. In September 2010, we launched a new trilingual language programme. College students who are already proficient in English, French and who have some knowledge in Spanish, have been working to further develop their mastery of these languages through a variety of courses and real-life experiences.

Amongst many innovations, our programme includes internships in two of the three target languages. We also organize immersion trips, offer a sampling of a number of European and Afro-Asian languages, as well as teach film, theatre, literature and music as means to study language.

Every year, in the fall semester, our students are required to do an unpaid internship of approximately 30 hours over 8-10 weeks. The goal is for them to integrate into an English-speaking environment and participate in everyday activities of the organization or business that will host them. As a result of this immersion, our students will improve their English language skills and, at the same time, make a contribution to society by volunteering their services and assisting their host organization.

We would very much like your organization to be part of our celebration of trilingualism by agreeing to offer unpaid internships to one or more of our students in November, 2012. Any type of involvement would be welcomed, as long as the student has ample opportunity to interact in English.

To learn more about our program, please visit our website http://www.claurendeau.qc.ca/trilinguisme.