We’re Making a Change to Our Bylaws, to Increase the Number of Board Seats!

This year, in response to other kinds of growth our organization is experiencing, COCo has decided to intentionally increase the number of seats on our Board of Directors, from 7 to 9. Legally speaking, that’s an important change, and we need to have our members ratify it at our Annual General Meeting, on April 29th.

In advance of that, we wanted to share the change we are hoping to make to Article 6.1 (Composition). The modification underlined and in bold:

The Board is composed of nine (9) Administrators elected at the Annual General Meeting, the majority of which are representatives of the active members. Formal representatives of the public sector are not eligible as Board Members. Funding bodies of the organization are not eligible to have a representative on the Board.

If you want to read the original version of our bylaws, you can find them here.

If you are interested in helping us make this decision, you need to be a COCo member, so sign up fast! And if you are interested in helping us fill those two new spots (that we hope you will ratify!) we are actively recruiting Board members here.