Would community organizations in your network benefit from implementing cloud computing tools?

Are you (or a member of your team) a seasoned facilitator interested in helping organizations learn more about cloud computing?

Innoweave (an initiative of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation) is developing an open access workshop curriculum that you can use. Commun-IT, a project of COCo, is partnering with Innoweave to train interested facilitators to deliver this one day workshop within their own networks. The workshop will help nonprofit leadership teams:

  • Analyze the benefits and risks associated with transitioning some or all of their organization’s technology infrastructure to the cloud;
  • Help their organization make more informed decisions about technology procurement;
  • Apply a proven methodology for identifying challenge areas, surfacing ideas on how to address them, and evaluating technology solutions against selection criteria defined in advance;
  • Estimate the total cost of ownership for implementing a cloud-based or hybrid technology approach and conduct a zero-based budgeting exercise to distinguish between essential and nonessential activities supported by the IT budget;
  • Design a technology strategy that aligns with their organization’s mission, culture, and available resources.

Organizations that participate in any Innoweave Cloud Computing Workshop (including those run by trained facilitators) will be eligible to apply for a grant to implement cloud computing within their organizations.

Here’s how the facilitator training process will work: On February 19th (8am-5:30pm), facilitator trainees will observe the full workshop as it is delivered to a small group of organizations. On February 20th (9am-11:30am), you will de-brief with and receive training from our module developer, Peter Deitz, of Grantbook. Following the workshop, materials slides, facilitator notes, and group exercises will be finalized. These materials will be made available to trained facilitators to run their own Innoweave Cloud Computing workshops in their networks. Note that this workshop and training will be offered only in English, in the future Innoweave plans to offer the workshop in French as well.

The Innoweave Cloud Computing Module curriculum is designed to be delivered by skilled facilitators with an interest in technology and prior experience leading a group learning process. While knowledge of cloud computing technology is helpful, you do not need to be a leading expert in the field to become trained as a facilitator.

To sign up, click here. Applications are due February 12.

If you have any questions, please contact info@innoweave.ca

We hope to see you there!

Innoweave and Commun-IT