Coaching is a dynamic and participative process that involves working with individuals or groups on specific issues they want to move forward to maximize their potential. It encourages focused, efficient working approaches through direct action that changes behaviour one step at a time.

COCo generally favours a focused approach to coaching in which a specific issue is identified – time management, organization, leadership challenges or work planning, for example. COCo can accompany a person or a group of people in examining and addressing issues, but we often work with Executive Directors and others in roles of leadership in organizations.

  • Participative Approach

    Change comes easiest with active participation and active, two-way listening.

  • Self-Discovery

    We encourage coachees to foster openness towards new ways of perceiving themselves and how they work.

  • Self-Generated Solutions

    We do not propose turnkey solutions. Rather, we cultivate a process in which coachees generate solutions and problem-solving strategies. Our role is to offer support in this process.

The Impact of Our Work

Looking at the entire organization we were facing tough decisions and even thinking out-loud about bankruptcy. Without the help of COCo at that point we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Larissa DutilProgramming and Outreach Coordinator - Concordia Co-op Bookstore

COCo is special for us because they are a big legal aid.

Makai ArefPresident - Afghan Womens Centre Montreal

Common Coaching Topics

Team Building
Human Resources
Collaborative Organizational Structures
Strategic and Annual Planning
Program Evaluation
Organizational Partnerships, Alliances, and Mergers
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
And many other topics...