COCo Contracts – Organizational Support

Organizational Support

COCo offers facilitation, training, coaching, and mediation. This support is offered on a sliding scale based on annual budget and can range from one 3-hour training workshop, to several facilitation sessions over several months, to a year-long coaching relationship.


Facilitation is about helping a group move towards a goal – e.g. visioning, strategic planning. Helping grease the wheels and foster creativity, healthy practices, and strong group work.  At COCo we customize our approach to facilitation based on the goals and the context of the group and the moment.


Training is about helping a group acquire skills, or knowledge they didn’t have before. e.g. board training, financial training. Building the capacity of the group to understand and engage with key tools and concepts related to community organizing and organizational development.


Coaching is a dynamic and participative process that involves working with individuals or groups to maximize their potential. It can also help identify and mitigate obstacles and move towards a more efficient, more focused working approach.


Whether it be between staff and board, between two employees or between employee and client, disputes that arise in an organizational context can be major stumbling blocks, spreading disharmony and tension that can sometimes lead to untenable situations.

The Impact of Our Work

Looking at the entire organization we were facing tough decisions and even thinking out-loud about bankruptcy. Without the help of COCo at that point we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Larissa DutilProgramming and Outreach Coordinator - Concordia Co-op Bookstore

COCo is special for us because they are a big legal aid.

Makai ArefPresident - Afghan Womens Centre Montreal
Our Rates

COCo recognizes the diversity of resources availble to each community organizations regarding access to training, and applies a sliding scale to our rates based on each organization’s annual operating budget.

  • Training time: $125–200/hr (sliding scale)
  • Preparation time: $50/hr (flat rate)
  • Additional support (ongoing coaching, etc): $75/hr

COCo negotiates our rates with each organization. We make every effort to remain as accessible as possible. Once a contract is signed, any additional hours that arise in either support or preparation work are discussed in advance.

Our Approach

COCo promotes social justice, active citizenship, democracy and just socio-economic development by supporting the development of healthy organizations. We do so by using a made-to-measure, participatory, popular education approach to organizational development.

Common Topics

We regularly work with community groups on the topics listed below.

Annual General Meetings
Board roles and responsibilities
Incorporation and charitable status
Human Resources
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Anti-Oppression and Group Dynamics
Team Building
Collaborative Organizational Structures
Strategic Planning
Mission / Vision
Organizational Partnerships, Alliances, and Mergers
Financial management
Funding Development
Information and Communications Technology
Community Based Action Research
And other topics...