COCo’s Frequently Asked Questions

At COCo, we often get questions from community organizations about a vast range of topics, from the legal role of the board of directors or when to have the AGM or how to deal with racism in the workplace. We love to help organisations with these questions! In fact, we get them so often, we have ready-made resources that might be useful. We decided to gather our most FAQs and link our most used information-sheets, blog posts, and other ressources that we share online. We hope it helps!

  • AJAH: at COCo, we have this software available to any organisations who are looking for new funders and grants. Ajah Fundtracker is an innovative online service that helps non-profits identify and connect to funders interested in their cause. A comprehensive online database of funding opportunities for the  community sector, it offers essential up-to-date information on over 11,000 funders, from foundations to government-funded programs to corporate support. Gain access to details on funders’ deadlines, granting history and contact information by booking an appointment. Email for more information and availabilities.

We thank you for calling us to donate your furniture or office supply but we are not an organization that is seeking furniture. We are a resource center for other non-profits, but this does not include distributing material donations. Here are some places you can call to give away your possessions.