Commun-IT: Tech for community groups

Commun-IT is a pilot project of COCo that focuses on the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) by English-speaking community groups in Quebec. We aim to guide, support, and empower community groups to take advantage of Information and Communications Technology in order to better realize their missions. We work collaboratively to build the capacity of community groups, tech professionals, and the public.

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Commun-IT Provides:

Web Communications Services – A range of Web Communications services provided at affordable sliding scale fees.

Knowledge Base – A collection of guidelines and best practices in  Information and Communications Technology for community groups.

“Info-IT” Phone and Email Support – Free consultations and support to help community groups access the Information and Communications Technology solutions that meet their needs.

Trainings – A series of periodic trainings, both in person and online, to help build the tech capacity of community groups.

Profiles of Tech Professionals – A growing list of Information and Communications Technology professionals that can provide specialized ICT support and services to community groups. The services and resources of Commun-IT are primarily being developed in English because COCo’s member groups are primarily English-speaking and Bilingual. For  Information and Communications Technology support in French please click here to connect with Communautique, La Puce, or the CDEACF.