COCo’s Official Stance on the Quebec Charter of Values (Bill 60)

COCo’s Staff and Board adopted the following resolution in December 2013 to oppose the Quebec Charter of Values (Bill 60).

Read the full position statement by clicking here.

Key to understanding this statement are two specific sections of the Bill, Section 10 (Chapter IV) and Section 37 (Chapter X), which can both be employed to impose provisions of the Charter on community organizations.

Excerpt from the position statement:

” COCo’s Staff and Board unanimously denounce and oppose Bill 60. We are concerned about the impacts of Bill-60 on the organizational health and development of community organizations, specifically limiting the capacity of autonomous organizations to protect the rights of their employees, to determine and to apply their own internal anti-oppressive human resource policies. For these reasons, COCo’s Staff and Board ask the Quebec Legislature, Minister Bernard Drainville and the current Quebec Government, in order to respect its previous engagements towards supporting the autonomy of the community sector, to withdraw Bill-60. ” 

Read the full position statement by clicking here.

COCo has since issued a press release to spread the word about this stance.

Click here to read the press release.