COCo’s Walk the Talk awards on Hiatus for 2014

From 2009 to 2013, COCo held an annual award ceremony : the Award for Walking the Social Justice Talk!
This “Walk the Talk” award recognized the contributions of individuals who lived out their social justice values, consistently and enthusiastically ‘walking the talk’. People whose commitment to equity, democratic principles, human rights, anti-oppression and public engagement inspired their community. The money from the award was donated to a community organization of the year’s award winner’s choosing.

While continuing to recognize the importance of “Walking the Social Justice Talk”, the funding that allowed this award was not renewed and only ran until 2013.
The awards are therefore on hiatus for 2014 onwards for an indeterminate amount of time. We are examining options for other scenarios to promote and help recognize some of the stellar work being done in the community sector and activism, including scenarios which may or may not be similar to the Walk the Talk awards.

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations, and to the winners of the Award for Walking the Social Justice Talk!, for all of your community engagement throughout the years.