Come Talk With Us About Your Experiences of Racism in the Community Sector

Diversité d’Abord is a yearlong research project exploring racial diversity in the Quebec community sector. We want to know:

  •  How Quebec community organizations perceive and address racial diversity and the impacts of colonialism on their team
  • How non-profit staff and volunteers experience race in their workplaces 

Following collecting data and testimonials on these topics in our online survey (available here, until April 15th) COCo will be hosting a series of focus groups for racialised community workers, allowing us to gather more nuanced information about your experiences! They will be happening on the following dates:

  • Tuesday April 25th 18h00-21h00
  • Wednesday May 3rd 18h00-21h00
  • Saturday May 6th 14h00-17h00
  • Monday May 8th, 18h00-21h00

If you are interested, please email

Focus groups are only open to racialized community workers. When we say community workers, we are talking about permanent and contractual staff, board members, collective members, or volunteers working with anything from an adhoc grassroots campaign to a large scale charity. The term “racialized” refers to anyone who identifies as Indigenous, Black, Arab, Asian, Latinx, mixed race, a visible minority, a person of colour, etc. This does not include people who are White.