Coming to Diversité d’Abord? Here it the full schedule for the day!

Registration Opens (11:30 am) 

Opening Panel (12:00-1:00pm)
English and French, MAI Café, first floor

The Diversé d’Abord Research team will open the day by presenting the preliminary results of our research.

Having Hard Conversations: The Courage to Face Ourselves  (1-2:30)
English, room 428

This workshop will tackle the personal and emotional responses we have to conversations about race. Often, these response can stop us from hearing experiences of racism in the sector and addressing the systemic impacts of race. Combining best practices in anti-racist education with the results of our research, and research about trauma and psychology, this workshop will better equip non-profit leaders to move past guilt, shame, and anger, and towards being able to create real change.

Facilitated by Ainsley Jenicek & Pascale Brunet

Sharing Stories: Racial (In)Justice (1-2:30pm)
French, room 460

Stories are also an incredibly important part of how we learn and situate our lived experiences within a greater community context. Narrative weaving offers us new ways of understanding ourselves,the impact of our words and actions, and how racism moves through our bodies, our work, and our movements. Through this process, we can imagine alternative modes of resistance, survival and healing.

In this workshop, our facilitators will share their own stories of success and failures

Facilitated by Kama La Mackerel & Délice Mugabo

Having Hard Conversations: The Courage to Face Ourselves  (2:45- 4:15)
French, room 428

From Hiring to Firing: Women of Colour In Organizations (2:45-4:15)
English, room 460

Our Diversité d’Abord research reveals a pattern where women of colour are disproportionately subjected to discrimination, violence, and structural barriers at every step of their experience in nonprofit and community organizations. These findings mirror our shared community knowledge and our lived experiences in the sector. This workshop will centre the voices of Women of Colour in the community sector to candidly detail the oppressive dynamics that often force women of colour out of the community sector. Further, we will explore the ways in which women of colour cope with and navigate these situations, and how other community workers can identify these dynamics and work in solidarity with us to effect positive change in the sector.

Facilitated by Robyn Maynard & Emily Yee Clare

Community Dinner (16h30-18h00)
MAI Café, first floor

Everyone is invited to eat and chat with us downstairs! Food, including vegan and gluten free options, will be provided.

Black Women Taking the Lead: the Nonprofit Sector in Quebec   (6-8pm)
English and French, MAI Café, first floor

This panel will celebrate the leadership and success of Black women in Quebec’s community sector. Featuring generations of Black activists and nonprofit leaders in conversation with each other, working in small activist organizations and in powerhouse non-profits, this panel will feature Black women in conversation with each other about their stories, their learnings, and their leadership.

Download (PDF, 1.35MB)