Our Approach
  1. Continual improvement, self-reflectiveness and learning
  2. Impact-focused, centering on the WHY
  3. Prioritizing the organization’s technological autonomy
  4. People-centred, peer-to-peer, walking with
  5. Removing barriers to access – both financially and conceptually
Our Values
  • Bridging coherence:

    between technology and social justice by building and maintaining relationships with organizations and struggles.

  • Commitment to transparency:

    and communication around digital security, privacy and data ownership issues

  • Resisting domination on the web:

    by not reinforcing dominant power structures, as much as possible.

  • Making the tech world we want to see:

    by supporting development of people who are marginalized & embedded in social struggles in our work or as part of Commun-IT

  • Staying humble

    by reminding ourselves that we are not experts; our strength is accessibility, accompaniment and insider comprehension of the community sector reality.

  • Integrating human systems and tech systems:

    by zooming out with a holistic analysis of organizational health

  • Center strategic communications

    and make it a mandatory, core part of our work with groups