Communications about our info-coco sessions

Dear members of the COCo and Montréal communities,


We wanted to let you know that we are taking a moment to revisit our Info-COCo services. Info-Cocos respond to requests from grassroots groups across Québec on a wide range of topics. These consultations take place by phone, email, or in person. Our responses can lead to everything from referrals to deep conversations, research, or other forms of follow-up. 


Following the impacts of the pandemic in recent years, we have observed an increase in requests for Info-COCo sessions. This makes it clear that this service is important to community groups… and to you!  On the other hand, offering Info-COCo sessions over the years has taught us a lot about the emerging needs of community groups. We feel that it’s time to take a moment to reinforce this service in light of our learnings, the evolving needs of community groups, and our organizational capacity. We also wish to enhance our communications around this service to better serve our community while considering the well-being of our team.


Until we launch the improved Info-Cocos, we will not respond to new requests for this service. 


Stay tuned for more information about the official relaunch of the new and improved Info-COCos in 2024!