Concordia Movement Building One-day Teach-In: Call-out for Workshop Proposals

Concordia Movement Building One-day Teach-In (last week-end of January 2015)
Call-out for Workshop Proposals (Deadline: January 12)

2015 is looking forward to being a very busy year in term of social movements and popular organisation. Concordia is boiling with activities! From the Solidarity 2015 Concordia organizing against austerity, the Climate Justice / Anti-extractivism movement, the mobilization around the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement against Israeli apartheid, the Concordia Food Coalition, the Reproductive Justice League, the Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement, QPIRG, and all the other fabulous work people are involved in.

Concordia is full of incredibly talented and skilled activists and organizers. This January, Solidarity Concordia is hosting an event that will create a space where we can learn from each other, get to know each other and get stronger together, between individuals, groups of friends, grassroots groups, unions and others.

This is a call-out for workshop proposals for a Teach-In that would take place the last week-end of January!

Workshops could be presentations or participative, presented alone or with friends, be short or long.

Here are some ideas, these are not in any way restrictive choices:

– Theory workshops: what is austerity, what is capitalism/neoliberalism/colonialism/imperialism, discussion on gender/sex, sexualities, race/racialization, classes, ecology/extractivism, climate/racial/food/transformative justice, food autonomy, etc.

– Historical workshops : Social movements in Concordia, Social movements in Quebec, Quebec’s Student General Strike (2012), 2012 strike in Concordia, etc.

– Skill-Building : Demo and Direct action 101, General assemblies and direct democracy, graphic design, etc

– Community building/collective well-being and anti-oppression praxis

– Activities to know each other and have some fun ! ; Sports? Dinner? Dance party? Arts and banner making?

If you are interested to help with the logistics of this event, please write to us or join us on the facebook group Solidarity Concordia 2015. We would love some help.

If you have any tips on how to make this space more inclusive, please write to the address below.

Please send us all your proposals before January 12 at

For more information: