Dealing with Conflict Continuum

This document presents an overview of different approaches to dealing with conflict. All of the different approaches to conflict are placed along a continuum from more proactive to more reactive, from requiring more time and energy to requiring less time and energy, etc.

A conflict management continuum is a useful tool for organizations or individuals that are considering how they want to respond to a conflict or to start a conversation about how to respond to conflict before it happens.

Essentially, this tool demonstrates that proactive conflict resolution (like talking directly to each other, listening carefully, and improving our own conflict skills) take less time and money and can result in solutions that are much more likely to meet the actual needs of the people involved in the conflict. When we start moving towards more reactive conflict strategies, the options available become more expensive, draining, and often traumatic, and the resolutions they can offer are usually less satisfying for the people who are impacted. To read our blog post on this topic, check out this link!

Dealing with Conflict Continuum – PDF

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