NetSquared MTL presents: Developing an effective Web presence

How can community organizations stand out on the web and use different platforms at their disposal to better attain their objectives?

A website is certainly an important communication tool for an organization, but the diversity of available platforms (social media, CRMs, newsletters, etc). makes it all the more necessary to have a wider vision of what one’s Web presence could entail. Beyond the technological aspect, web presence is based on interactions, content and competencies. This mini-conference aims to give a global perspective on different tools and strategies that an organization can use to reach target audiences and get itself known on the Web.

This conference will be followed by a question and answer period in the company of community technology and web professionals. Presented in partnership with Commun-IT, eSimpleIT and PHIL Communications.

When: Tuesday, October 27th, 5:30pm-7pm

Where: Maison Sauvé, 1514, Doctor Penfield, Montreal

Cost: Free

REGISTRATION is strongly encouraged via Eventbrite

Note: There is car2go parking available as well as limited parking space in the back. Metro Guy-Concordia, Buses 66, 165, 166 (transfer at St-Mathieu exit due to current construction).

Marc Ouimet has worked for years to help community organizations and small businesses position themselves on the web. His areas of specialization include information technology, social problems and web marketing. He is also a writer and certified trainer, as well as a coach for the Innoweave Cloud computing module.