Eryn Fitzgerald

Eryn joined COCo’s Board in March 2014

Eryn Fitzgerald organizes community-university partnerships at Concordia University. As the Community Relations Coordinator, she connects and supports groups on and off campus who are engaged in social change activities. She is also a member of the Peter McGill Community Council and the Westhaven Neighbourhood Committee where she develops community-building strategies. Eryn is pleased to bring these experiences to COCo as well as her passion for organizational development, facilitation, and environmental education.  She is an active member of Sustainable Concordia, an urban agriculture enthusiast, and a wild dancer. 

Getting to know Eryn:

  1. What would you eat if you only had one more meal to eat?
    Grilled cheese with marmalade
  2. What’s the tune you love the most at the moment?
    Prince Johnny by St. Vincent
    Afraid of Everyone by Alessi’s Ark
    Is Your Love Big Enough by Lianne La Havas

  3. What’s the tune you love the most that you’re embarrassed to say you love?
    Radio by Lana Del Rey

  4. If you were an animal, what would you be?
    Queen Bee

  5. What’s your favorite room in your home?
    My kitchen!

  6. What is your favorite appliance?
    My speakers

  7. What’s the first movie quote that comes to your mind?
    “What kinda bird are you?”

  8. What do you never want to have nightmares about?
    The apocalypse but unfortunately these occur rather frequently

  9. Who inspires you?
    Off the top of my head: Naomi Klein, Charity Hicks, Pema Chodron, Claudia Welch, Naomi Wolfe, and my sweet sweet grandmother!

  10. How do you spend your break time at work?