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Free Lunch Program Administration Coordinator @ Hive Cafe Solidarity Cooperative

August 4, 2019

FLP Administrative Coordinator – Job Description

Wage: $17.00 – 18.00 / hour
Hours: 30 hours per week
Location: Concordia University Loyola Campus
Duration: 9 month contract (renewable)
August 19th 2019 – May 15th 2020

Deadline to apply: August 4th, by 5pm
Interview Dates: August 5th – 9th 2019
Start Date: August 19th 2019 (training)

To apply, please fill out this google form:

Any issues with the form, please email your application with a CV and Cover Letter to events.hivecafecoop@gmail.com


The Hive Free Lunch Program serves vegan meals to between 200 and 350 people on the Loyola Campus of Concordia University every regularly scheduled school day. The Free Lunch Program Coordinators are responsible for the timely production of these meals, and must ensure accessibility through attention to common allergies and dietary restrictions, while maintaining product quality, and nutritionally complete selection.Coordinators are expected to support and promote the Hive Cafe Solidarity Co-op and uphold its values and by-laws, while being active cooperative worker members.


  • 2 years of related experience in food production and management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills; communication and listening skills
  • Exceptional cleanliness and sanitation practices
  • Strong organization skills, attention to detail, ability to prioritize workload and multitask
  • Financial competence including a clear understanding of costing, and inventory management/controls techniques
  • Technologically proficient in administrative and computer skills
  • A love of food, a passion for food sovereignty, and a firm belief in the importance of sustainability
  • Familiarity interest in cooperative business model and non-hierarchical structures
  • Ability to function in a horizontal environment
  • Ability to balance effective leadership skills with power-sharing abilities
  • Ability to inspire worker motivation, commitment, and effectiveness with progressive workplace practices that foster teamwork, open communication, respect, equality, safety, and helpfulness
  • Ethical conduct and responsibility — sets a positive example and fulfills responsibilities with the highest integrity, ethics, and professionalism, and with respect to deadlines


  • Collaborate with the other Hive Free Lunch Coordinators to develop and implement an operational plan for the Hive Free Lunch Program, appropriate to the Hive Cafe Solidarity Co-op, its members, and its worker members, as well as work with the Cafe Coordinators as required
  • Support the Kitchen Coordinator in observing cleanliness and functionality of equipment, maintenance, repair, and/or replacement, and requesting BOD approval as necessary.
  • Organize and file invoices, while documenting all expenses and complete budgeting spreadsheets
  • Spearhead administrative reports and collaborating with other FLP Coordinators for their completion
  • Liaise between the Free Lunch Program and the wider organization
    Finance committee
    Board of Directors
  • Collaborate with other Free Lunch Coordinators for food planning regarding the menu, recipes, conceptions and costing of meals.
  • Network with suppliers and distributors and maintain professional relationships
  • Develop and maintain guidelines and operational systems to ensure staff and volunteers uphold best practices for quality of food and cleanliness, and to ensure kitchen is inspection-ready at all times
  • Ensure Free Lunch servings are conducted in a timely and consistent manner
  • Prepare food from scratch (no pre-prepared items) and manage waste conscientiously
  • Collaboratively train, coordinate, and supervise volunteers to ensure they are developing knowledge and skills
  • Work to provide a safe and anti-oppressive space for volunteers
  • Uphold and promote the social, environmental, and economic sustainability of the Hive Cafe Solidarity Co-op as outlined in the cooperative’s by-laws
  • Chair / coordination of Co-op committees, as mandated by the Board of Directors
  • Execute other duties as specified by the Board of Directors


  • Knowledge of health and safety regulations, as well as safe food handling and compliance including MAPAQ certification
  • Degree, diploma, or equivalent experience in Food Management
  • Bilingualism (French/English)
  • Familiarity with Concordia University hospitality and event policies and procedures

Physical Environment

These elements are intended to describe the general nature of the work performed by worker-members:

  • Exposure to potential hazards exists with respect to cutting equipment, coffee makers, mixers, food allergens and other work aids necessary to perform job duties
  • Exposure of up to 176˚C while cooking, or washing dishes
  • Exposure to -1˚C to 4˚C while handling refrigerated products
  • Exposure to -22˚C while handling frozen products
  • The worker-member may perform any number of physical activities to accomplish assigned duties, such as walking and standing (up to 90% of the work time), bending, reaching, repetitive motions, and lifting between 40 to 50 lbs.


August 4, 2019
Event Category:


Hive Café Solidarity Cooperative


August 4, 2019
Event Category:


Hive Café Solidarity Cooperative