Facilitation is a process that focuses on clarifying and moving groups toward concrete goals and positive change through intentional design and guidance. It fosters learning environments where creativity, healthy practices, and strong group work can emerge to support organizational development.

At COCo, we believe there are many different approaches to facilitation based on the goals and the context of the group and the moment. However there are several core values that we practice in all of our facilitation work:

  • Focus on Process AND Outcome

    Healthy processes lead to strong, lasting outcomes. Facilitation needs to keep this balance in mind.

  • Direction AND Dynamics

    The art of facilitation is the ability to guide the group towards their stated objectives while simultaneously managing group dynamics.

  • Micro AND Macro

    Every process of change and development must be understood within the bigger picture of the long-term health of the organization and its environment.

  • Co-leadership

    A facilitator is one aspect of the facilitation experience. All participants take on important roles from organizing the meetings, preparing the space, taking notes, co-facilitating, synthesizing information and helping move objectives forward.

  • Facilitation = Learning

    Facilitated processes create a learning environment for participants to build individual and group skills and capacities.

In practice, COCo facilitation takes many different forms – from coordinating a team of facilitators at a large community meeting, to guiding a small group of staff and volunteers through a challenging organizational retreat. Check out the following testimonials to get a better sense of the impact of our facilitation work:

The Impact of Our Work

Looking at the entire organization we were facing tough decisions and even thinking out-loud about bankruptcy. Without the help of COCo at that point we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Larissa DutilProgramming and Outreach Coordinator - Concordia Co-op Bookstore

COCo is special for us because they are a big legal aid.

Makai ArefPresident - Afghan Womens Centre Montreal

Common Facilitation Topics

Program Evaluation
Strategic and Annual Planning
Mission / Vision
Human Resources
Annual General Meetings
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Collaborative Organizational Structures
And many other topics...