February 2016 E-Bulletin

COCo Note

End of the Political Activities Audit: What Does it Mean for Charities?

We’re not lawyers at COCo but we do our best to provide legal information! If you want information about how the law applies to your particular situation, contact a lawyer. 

Organizations across the country have been celebrating the announcement by Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier that they would be “winding down” the political-activity audit of charities, a widely detested program originally started under the last government. In the week since, the government has been getting a lot of credit for ending an audit that was almost over anyways.

“But with 90% of the audit going forward as planned, we’re not sure the announcement deserves the fanfare it’s receiving” 

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COCo is Seeking a Freelance Graphic Designer

COCo is Seeking a Freelance Graphic Designer 

The Opportunity:

COCo is seeking a freelance graphic designer to work on a variety of graphic design projects over the next 2 years. The starting wage is $29.29/hour, negotiable depending on experience. In the first year, we estimate offering $2,000-$3,000 worth of work. The designer must be able to meet at least once with the COCo team to review the organization’s needs and vision, but can otherwise work remotely. COCo offers a flexible, creative and community focused work environment.

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COCo Picks: News, Tools, and Tips from the COCo Team!

Report on Diversity in Non-Profit Organizations

We were thrilled this week to see the publication of “The Voice of Non-Profit Talent: Perceptions of Diversity in the Workplace”, co-authored by CommonGood Careers and Level Playing Field Institute.

Though the information gathered was largely in an American context, the results of the survey are undoubtedly applicable to the Canadian non-profit sector. The whole report is worth a look, but here are some of our highlights. 

“Without a clear and comprehensive commitment to racial diversity reflected throughout the organization that is being acted upon with results, nonprofits will have difficulty recruiting and retaining diverse employees”

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The Guide to Starting Your Own Activist Group

The most frequent question we get at COCo is hard to start a new organization or non profit– and in a lot of ways, it’s also one of the most complicated questions to answer.

While most people worry about the paperwork (not actually that bad!) starting an organization from scratch is a lot of work, and a very involved process! Identifying a need is only the beginning. Which is why we were really excited to find this awesome, simplified but realistic guide to starting an activist group. Check it out!

The guide is available online here. 

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Community Events

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Job Offers

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Community Postings

YES 20th Anniversary Open House

Over the last 20 years, Youth Employment Services (YES) has helped more than 62,000 people to achieve their employment and business goals. On 25 February, you’re invited to YES’ 20th Anniversary Open House to see how they can help you achieve yours. At the Open House event, you’ll get an inside look at how the team at YES coach, advise and help job seekers, entrepreneurs and artists all across Quebec. Come tour the centre, meet the staff and say hello.

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