screencap of webinar slides

Financial Management of NonProfits

Recently, our finance coordinator Philippe gave two webinars to members of the RQGE about financial management. Those trainings are now online! They cover questions like:

  • Different roles in an organization in terms of financial management (staff, Board, bookkeeper, and auditor)
  • Audited financial statements and other kinds of financial verification
  • Difference between nonprofits and charities
  • Reading financial statements

And lots more! You can find the webinars here (in French). We know finances can be pretty overwhelming for some us, and Philippe did a really good job of breaking those concepts down to very simple terms. Whether you are staff or Board, we hope it is helpful for you!

Training on Finances for Community Groups

If you are looking for more training on nonprofit finances, check out:

Reading List for Financial Management

There are a few more resources we love on nonprofit budgeting.