First Video Out! Communities Connecting the Digital Dots

Our first Communities Connecting the Digital Dots semester is done!
The class of four went through a 5-week intensive class on shooting and editing videos, and this is their final project!

[youtube id=”CaEEXpc93LA”]

Communities Connecting the Digital Dots’ first semester started on October 2nd!
Four community organizations joined COCo trainer Audrey Villiard to learn about creating their own videos, and to enhance their communications strategies through social media with COCo trainer Gabriel Bergevin-Estable!
During the course of these intensive trainings, groups of 4 organizations got hands-on experience in video-making, including the scripting, filming and editing of the video you see above.

They learned basics of video pre-prodution, production, editing, and promotion by creating a video series about communications technology for community groups.

A second semester will begin in November, and a third in January, each with 4 different groups and on another exciting communications topic!