Fundraiser’s 5 à 7: Meet, greet & raise $!

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We’re very excited to announce an event we have been scheming for a while– well, ever since we brought Juniper Belshaw onto the COCo team. Juniper is an amazing funding trainer, bringing ten years of experience in fundraising for Montreal nonprofits such as Head & Hands, Dans la rue, and now COCo. We’ve got all sorts of plans for how Juniper will be supporting our members and network with their funding challenges, starting with our favourite kind of event: a 5 à 7.

The event is free, and will take place on Wednesday, June 29th.

Now, we know that many of you don’t have full time fundraisers: instead, you are being asked to do funding development for the first time, or only fundraise for your own program, or don’t really have a funding strategy but are always short on money– in other words, the normal challenges facing grassroots organizations. You don’t need to think of yourself as a fundraiser to join us for this event: if finding money is a challenge, and has ended up on your plate, we’d love to have you.

We’re planning a mix of time-to-mingle, with opportunities for you to get concrete ideas, resources and tips from funding trainers (and from each other). All the details are in the Eventbrite event page, below, and spaces are limited, so register soon!

Eventbrite - Fundraiser’s 5 à 7: Meet, greet & raise $!