Get Inspired by These Communications Strategies By Local Groups

It’s hard to do great communications on a low budget. Many organizations struggle with investing in good photography, graphic design, and websites. Today, we wanted to point people towards a few, low-cost campaigns we have seen in the last few months that have felt really exciting, and inspirational. Let us know what you think!

  1. The “Poor and Captive” campaign, which challenges the travel regulations for welfare recipients, uses storytelling as it’s primary focus, and it works. Although I read the website months ago, I can still remember the compelling narratives that make it clear that these regulations are unjust.
  2. Recently, the Sexual Assault Resource Centre at Concordia teamed up with animation students to make these short videos about consent (scroll to the bottom to watch them). They are sweet, endearing, short, and very clear. Well done!
  3. Organizations working with non-status migrants often struggle to make their issues personal, when it is very dangerous for people to speak out publicly. The non-status women’s collective has found a striking strategy that also ensures that the most important voices are being heard. You can see different parts of their campaign here.

Do you have any to add?