Guide for Community Workers: Immigrants’ and Refugees’ Access to Social Benefits and Programs in Quebec ! 

The Community Legal Services of Point-St-Charles and Little-Burgundy are launching the second version of the Guide for Community Workers: Immigrants’ and Refugees’ Access to Social Benefits and Programs in Quebec !

We have also created popularised pamphlets on this topic, they will be available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Creole and Chinese (Simplified).

We’re looking foward to see you on Wednesday, November 22nd, from 5pm to 7pm, at the Centre culturel Georges Vanier in Little Burgundy (2450 Workman).
Official invitations to come! 

As part of this project, we will offer a series of workshops for the communities directly concerned and some training sessions for community workers. The workshops and trainings will deal with access to social programs in Quebec according to immigration status. The trainings for community workers will also deal with the immigration system in general.

Let us know if you are interested in receiving us for a workshop and/or training. We will start facilitating workshops in December 2018. We are able to travel outside of Montreal.

Regarding the content of the workshops, we can adapt it to your needs.  For example, we can explain the various residence criteria applicable  to be eligible to social programs (welfare, healthcare, unemployment, etc.), or limit the presentation to a few social programs to explain them more thoroughly, or we can present access to social benefits and programs for one or a some of those immigration status:

  • Asylum seeker 
  • Non status 
  • Accepted refugee 
  • Refused refugee 
  • Temporary Resident Permit Holder 
  • Temporary worker and international student 
  • Permanent resident 

Your organization give similar workshops and you would like to use our pamphlets and power points? Contact us so we can discuss about possible collaborations! For more information, questions and remarks, contact us at : 514-933-8432 or