What do you guys do, anyway? Or, a Cheat Sheet of COCo Services

In the past week, we’ve gotten calls from 14 organizations looking to work with us, and another 9 looking for information, advice, and guidance for the problems they’re facing in their organizations. That is amazing, and we want you all to keep calling, so it seems as good a time as ever to remind you what your options are.

As the communications coordinator, I am acutely aware that some of our services are a little… hard to grasp! So, as we all collectively dive back into our work, here’s a little “cheat sheet” for what, exactly, COCo does.

Facilitation. Facilitators use completely impossible language to describe their jobs like “holding the space” and “creating a container” and “pushing the needle”. What we actually mean is: bad meetings really suck, and especially bad meetings about important, big deal things, and we would like to help that stop happening. Got any important conversations coming up?

Training. We can do this on lots of things!  What do you want to learn about? For example, up this week: how to give feedback, how to be a more collaborative leader, how to write a good equity statement, how to recruit the best people for your Board…

Coaching. Coaching is the perfect gift for that person in your life whose heart is in the right place but wasn’t totalllllyyyy cut out to be a manager. More accurately, it’s for those of us who have flaws. Grow as a person! Hire a coach!

Mediation. It’s hard to make jokes about mediation, so here’s the deal: conflict is really hard, and it is also really normal, and way more of us should ask for help when we’re over our heads. Ask a mediator!

Tech and CommunicationsYou can’t have a website from us, because everyone wants one and we actually have to pause that for a minute to catch our breath, but you can have as much time as you want to complain about social media while we secretly make you love it.

And of course, we are always happy to answer the phone and talk to you about what is going on at your organization. Don’t hesitate!