The Healthy House: An Organizational Assessment Tool for NonProfits

The Healthy House: An Organizational Assessment Tool for Community Groups

Developed over many years of accompanying community organizations, and used with a hundred-odd nonprofits, the Healthy House allows us to clearly visualize and evaluate the health of our organizations as a whole.

Using the metaphor of a house, this tool allows you to take a step back and get a bigger picture on the strengths and weaknesses of your community group. What is going well in our organizations? What needs some love, or renovations?

If you are passionate or engaged in the development of your organization, this tool can help you and your team get a handle on the potential and challenges of your organization. Here at COCo, we have used this tool in a number of different contexts:

  • As a training tool for new employees or new members of your Board of Directors
  • As an assessment tool that allows us to refine our organizational priorities
  • To evaluate how a new program or project would help or hinder our mission, ressources, or priorities

In this video, Katie Hadley, Executive Directors of the West Island Resource Centre, tells us how her organization used this tool to evaluate the health/ill-health of her “house” and to identify her priorities and strategic directions.


Download (PDF, 68KB)

This tool was presented publicly for the first time as part of the ateliers/C, and the summary of that workshop can be found here.

Download (PDF, 63KB)