Help us launch the LabOA Social Innovation Hub

If you are a part of a community organization in the Greater Montreal area, we invite you to help the LabOA Social Innovation Hub bring the learning organization to life with your responses to this survey.


Facing the complexity and uncertainty of the current health and social crises, now more than ever, community organizations are needing to develop lasting capacities for learning, experimentation, and change. To help meet this need we at the Learning Organizations Laboratory (LabOA), in collaboration with Centraide of Greater Montreal, are launching the LabOA Social Innovation Hub: a co-creative, experiential learning community that seeks to support the development of lasting capacities for transformational learning at all levels, from the individual to the organization to the community sector as a whole.


In order to ground our design and facilitation of the LabOA Social Innovation Hub in the current needs and desires for learning within the community sector, we are asking for your organization’s participation in this short survey. Your responses will help us to not only refine our approach, but also to learn more about your organization’s interest and capacity to potentially join us in the Hub.


To put it differently, we invite you to consider becoming change-makers through your potential participation and contribution within the LabOA Social Innovation Hub. Responding to this survey will likely take 5-10 minutes, and we ask you to please send us your responses by the end of November 25th. Thank you!


Source: Kelvy Bird of The Presencing Institute


About the LabOA Social Innovation Hub…

•A bilingual learning journey inspired by Theory U

•A series of 6 interactive online sessions, 2.5 hours per session, spread out over 6 weeks

•A maximum of 15 participating organizations, each represented by 2 people within the Hub

•An invitation to personal and professional development while building towards collective transformation


Meet the Facilitation Team

Griffin Payne

Coordinator of Projet LabOA, facilitator, and organizational learning designer

Jess Malz

Learning experience designer, facilitator, and founder of INBO Learning Design

Alina Gutierrez

Graphic facilitator, creativity stimulator, visual coach, and founder of Visual Versa


Next Steps…

Please contact Griffin Payne at if you would like more information or if you have any questions.