Info-COCo Sessions

COCo responds on a daily basis to requests from community groups throughout Quebec requesting assistance and information on a wide variety of topics. Info-COCO Sessions are done by phone, by email and in person. Some questions result in simple referrals, but many involve more in-depth conversations, research and follow-up. While you should feel free to call us with any questions related to community groups, here are a few of the more common topics we consult on:

* Governance

* Nonprofit incorporation and charitable status

* Funding

* Financial management

* Human resources

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* Governance, such as…

“What exactly are the role and legal responsibilities of a nonprofit board?” “How do I go about organizing and chairing an Annual General Meeting”?

* Nonprofit incorporation and charitable status, such as…

“Should I incorporate my community group? If so, How long does it tend to take?”

“How do I apply for charitable status and what do I gain and lose from doing so?”

* Funding, such as…

“Would you be able to give me some tips on effective grantwriting?”

“Can you let us know if we’re on the right track with our funding strategy and if there are other sources of funding we should be considering?”

* Financial management, such as…

“Can you give us some ideas for how to strengthen our financial management?”

“Do you know any accountants who have experience working with community groups?”

* Human resources, such as…

“Do you have a sample staff evaluation process I can use as a guide?”

“As an employee, am I legally required to work overtime?”